Magellan GPS and Why You Should Consider Buying Their Products. Garmin Isn’t the Only Player in the Game!

magellan gps

Although I’m clearly a Garmin fan for almost all handheld, GPS watch, and auto navigation products, Magellan GPS technology deserves some consideration for anybody considering purchasing navigation equipment.

Magellan GPS technology is extremely well developed. The company holds over 200 patents in GPS technology, and makes some darn good products.

Originally formed in Taiwan, their headquarters is now in California. They’ve been in business since 1982, and have repeatedly innovated in the world of GPS technology. Their innovations and competitive drive have helped spur companies like Garmin to step up their game. So Garmin can thank Magellan GPS engineers in part for their own need to create excellent handheld GPS units.

Here are my favorite Magellan GPS products, which I can confidently recommend after field testing them:

Best Magellan GPS Unit for Driving

Magellan GPS Navigator – 7.0″ – RoadMate 9616T-LM

My favorite feature on the Magellan Roadmate is the huge screen. Lots of GPS units for cars have screens in the 4-5 inch range. The wide, large screen makes for excellent visibility.

I also really like the multiple destination feature, where you can plug in an itinerary for the day without having to re-enter your next stop.

A money-saving feature on the Roadmate is the Traffic Camera Alerts by Phantom, which will warn you of traffic cameras. Just one ticket prevented by this feature will pay for the unit. Think about that!

Best Magellan GPS Unit for Hiking/Outdoors

 Magellan CX0310SGXNA eXplorist 310 Waterproof Hiking GPS

While the eXplorist line of handheld GPS units from Magellan doesn’t get the same love from consumers as Garmin’s products do, it really should. The eXplorist has a solid, weather-resistant piece of technology that I would gladly take into the woods any day of the week.

The eXplorist’s strengths are:

  • Bright screen, readable in sunlight
  • User-friendly navigation settings and menus
  • Detailed road network, rural land, water features, and urban mapping
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • Excellent paperless geocaching software features


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