Garmin GPS is King. Here’s Why.

There several different major brands of handheld GPS units out there. Besides Garmin there is Magellan, DeLorme, TomTom, Sony and Phillips. It can be tempting to branch out and buy a handheld unit from a manufacturer besides Garmin. However, I’m a guy who has devoured all of the information on handheld GPS units, tested a multitude of units in the field, and can confidently say: Garmin GPS is king.
Here’s Why:

  1. Garmin has specialized in GPS technology from its inception. It captured the lion’s share of the market, holding 50% in 1999, within its first decade of existence. Garmin doesn’t “dabble” in GPS units like Sony or Phillips. It specializes in the highest quality GPS technology for consumers like you.
  2. They have the best signal coverage and reception of all GPS manufacturers.
  3. Garmin GPS units all have user-friendly software and ridiculous suites of maps preloaded onto them.
  4. Most Garmin GPS units are water-resistant or water-proof.
  5. Look on Amazon. The top 14 Best Selling handheld GPS units are made by Garmin. The top 14! Delorme’s device is number 15, and its a fantastic piece of equipment. That should tell you something.
  6. Garmin has created unique and innovative services associated with its units, such as its HuntView maps, which allow hunters get incredibly detailed information while hiking such as private and public land boundaries.

When Should You NOT Get a Garmin GPS?

Now, is there any reason why you SHOULDN’T get a Garmin unit? For most situations, the answer is no. However, there is a valid argument in wanting a GPS unit combined with an emergency communication device such as the DeLorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer Two Way Satellite Communicator with Built in Navigation

Ultimately, it’s your choice. But I’m telling you that the best value in price and quality, and the most innovative features are going to be found in a Garmin unit sooner than one made by another brand. Personally, I use a few different handheld GPS units depending on my particular navigational needs. See my Best Handheld GPS Units of 2017 to pick one for yours!