GPS Watch: Why You Need One NOW!

I thought I was so high-tech when I bought my first handheld GPS unit. Other hunters were stumbling through the woods using old-timey maps while I confidently slipped through the foliage with an armada of satellites lighting the way. At least, that’s how I pictured myself. Then I discovered something called a GPS watch.

gps watch

Wow. Even James Bond would be impressed with such technology available at such reasonable prices.

As an avid runner and hiker, I discovered just how incredible a GPS watch could be. Here are some of the cool features that they have:

  • Track distance, pace, time, and VO2 Max
  • Audio prompts
  • Bluetooth connect to iPhone
  • Music controls
  • Smart notifications and social media sharing
  • Assorted data analytics on your activity and personal records

I’m a nerd, so this watch is a dream come true. My wife rolls her eyes at me pouring over charts and graphs from my runs. But, guess what? I run a whole lot more because this watch makes it more interactive. I simply strap my smartphone to my arm, wear bluetooth headphones, and let the watch tell me what to do!

Best GPS Watches To Buy:

Garmin vĂ­vosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit – Black (Certified Refurbished)

I recommend this watch first because of its affordability as a certified refurbished product. It has all of the features you’d want in a GPS watch, and has a really sleek and high-tech looking design. I can’t recommend it enough (it’s what I use).

Garmin Forerunner 230 – Black/White

If you’re willing to spend more, the Garmin Forerunner 230 is the best GPS watch out there. With its large screen, long battery life, Smart notifications, and nuanced activity tracking, this watch is a data-junkie’s dream.

Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular fit – Black

The Vivofit has the slickest looking design of all of the Garmin GPS watches I’ve seen, with many of the same great features. The screen size is smaller, but a smaller footprint is what some runners prefer with a watch. It has one year of battery life before it needs to be recharged! Also, it has innovative new features such as Auto Sync with the associated smart phone app so that you can focus on running as your data is always updated wherever you view it.